The one behind the kennelname is me Michelle, I was born and raised in my moms cattery so to speak. My mom started out with norwegian forest cats and later the cornish rex entered -92. As I grew up I always were involved with the cats, when I was 10 I alone helped our cat “Ärtan” to give birth to a litter. I attended every catshow I could. Cats was my life.

On shows I used to work as a steward from age 16 and even before I used to show our own cats and also others.


IC S*Nattsmygarn Xantia, my number one cat, loved and taken away too early.

When I grew up I also wanted something for myself so for several years I bred and showed cavies. I started out with rex cavies and 2002 my first skinny moved in. I bred the second skinnylitter in all of Sweden. Ozzy my first skinny was an import from the US and he later moved to the UK.


Another favourite was the crested d.e white girl S.CH ESP.CH PORT.CH SMF284 Nattsmygarns Zoka Zandramas


But I always wanted a dog, my first years we had a german shepard namned Kita, after Kita it took many years before I grew up and could have a dog of my own. From the start I wanted an italian greyhound but at that time only 20 a year was born so I waited and had other breeds. So finally my dream came true with Phillip, a grey male with to much white. I loved Phillip so much but sadly our time togheter was short due to his epilepsy. But with him my love for the breed grew and he is the reason I am an iggy person today.

My first ig litter was born 2008, five lovely boys.


At present I have about 3-4 dogs at home and sometimes on or two living elsewhere or with breedingrights. My goal is to have happy and healthy dogs that are as close to the standard as possible. I enjoy showing my dogs as long a they do to. We also have a rich life where we meet other dogs and play alot.

// Michelle


Summer 2014 with my and my friends dogs.